Queensland Skin Culture Centre

The Adult Burn Centre at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) treats burns patients from Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The Queensland Skin Culture Centre (QSCC) is a new clinical service based at the RBWH and will grow the top layer of the skin (epidermis) for the treatment of major burn injuries. This service involves taking a small sample of undamaged skin from the patient, growing their own skin cells in a specialised lab, and returning the skin to the patient to permanently cover their burn wounds. This is particularly valuable for patients who have a large surface area and/or deep burns and limited areas of unburned skin for the treatment of those wounds.


QSCC is committed to growing high quality skin in a safe and suitable environment and to further develop and improve the methods for growing skin.

QSCC Goals

  1. To establish a continuing service that grows skin for the treatment of major burn injuries.
  2. To fund the growth of research into the treatment of burns, in order to improve outcomes for patients, and eventually grow other tissues, such as hair and muscle, in the hope that we can restore a more normal appearance.

QSCC Benefits

  • Can be life-saving
  • Decreased infection
  • Reduced Pain
  • Earlier wound closure
  • Fewer surgeries
  • Earlier discharge
  • Reduced scarring – better cosmesis
  • “getting your own back” – rejection unlikely
  • Cost effective

Your Support is Needed

QSCC is largely funded by sponsorship and donations from the community. To support this facility and further research into burns treatment and rehabilitation, please click here or call RBWH Foundation on 07 3646 7588.