The Foundation

RBWH Foundation is the charity for Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Our role is to ensure the dedicated staff at the hospital have the funds needed to conduct ground-breaking medical research and access the latest equipment, technology and training so they can provide the best possible care for all patients.

While RBWH is part of Queensland Health, the government simply does not have the funds in its budget to pay for ‘non-essential’ services.  RBWH Foundation’s role is to help fill that funding gap with the support of the community.  We aim to provide RBWH with the financial support needed to evolve, innovate and remain at the forefront of healthcare in Queensland.

With the help of the Foundation, RBWH is able to invest in medical research, upgraded patient care offerings and innovative programs and facilities to ensure optimum outcomes for patients in the longer term.

What we do

the hospital

Today, RBWH is the largest and busiest hospital in Queensland, caring for over 600,000 patients a year.  It houses close to 1,000 beds with a number of specialties including medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, neurology and trauma services, and Queensland’s largest cancer care service.

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Royal Mums

Our Royal Mums are the amazing women who have given birth at the hospital since it opened as the Brisbane Women's Hospital in 1938. To pay tribute to these many thousands of mothers, we have erected a permanent Honour Wall at the hospital (updated annually) which lists all their names and the years their Royal babies were born. To be included on the Royal Mums Honour Wall, you must first register your details or the details of the Royal Mum in your life.

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