By supporting the RBWH Foundation, you will be giving the gift of time. Time for researchers to develop life-changing treatments. Time for doctors to consider new diagnoses and advance care for their patients. And time for families to continue enjoying every precious moment with the people they love, hopeful about what the future holds.

Give the Gift of Time

With every donation above $2 being tax-deductible, there is no better time to help advance patient care and life-saving research.

Clinical research

The RBWH is the states largest tertiary hospital and is home to many of Queensland’s, and the world’s, greatest medical researchers and scientists. Your funds will help ensure they can continue to break new ground.

Equipment & training

Technological advances and new treatments require constant training and upgrades in equipment. Your support helps us to maintain the RBWH’s reputation as a world-class health institution.

Patient care

Patient outcomes are at the heart of everything we do. With over 600,000 people in need of care at the RBWH each year, we strive to support our skilled and passionate staff to deliver the best possible patient care.

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