Research Project Grants 2021

RBWH & RBWH Foundation Project Grant

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation and RBWH, through the generosity of the donors and the Private Practice Fund, aim to provide financial support to researchers to undertake original and highly innovative research projects that have the potential to:

• directly affect the care provided to our patients, including translational research and new models of care;
• foster collaborations across RBWH departments, and or between RBWH and other facilities and external partners; and support staff development.

Grant Categories

The following grants are available:

1. Project Grants Hot-topic: Up to $50,000 for the calendar year 2021 (Jan 2022 – December 2022)

• This also includes two ‘Hot Topic’ grants available for project(s) that address current organisational (RBWH) clinical service need.
• ‘Hot topic’ refers to issues of a topical nature or clinical issues that are a high priority need for the organisation. Projects identified by applicants as ‘hot topic’ grants will be prioritised by a small group of RBWH Executive for two of the Project Grants. Funding will be awarded based on merit. Two project grants scored highest by the executives will be considered for hot topic grants.

2. Program Grant: A single grant up to $50 000 per year for 3 years (renewed annually only with satisfactory progress) will be made available for a research project that can demonstrate the requirement for funding over a three-year period.

Applicant categories

Forty percent of funds available for research project grants will be allocated to early career researchers with the remaining sixty percent being available for more experienced researchers. 

• Early career researcher: Proposals intended to allow CI-A, at an early stage in their research career, to provide leverage for future applications to other research funding bodies. An early career researcher is generally an individual within five years of completing their research higher degree (MPhil, PhD or equivalent) or within 5 years of commencing active research (as indicated by grants and publications).
• Grant applications received by early career researchers need to be led by these researchers, with the support of one or more named experienced research mentors.
• Experienced researcher: Proposals intended to allow CI-A, whose investigations are expected to result in subsequent application to outside research funding bodies to develop and expand the research for which research project grant funding is sought.
• Consideration of career disruptions and “relative to opportunity” will be given.

Funding Commencing in 2022 – Key dates
Wednesday 5 May 2021 – Expression of Interest (EOI) open for Project Grant Applications
Friday 28 May 2021 – Expression of Interest (EOI) closes for Project Grant Application
To be confirmed – Invited Project Grant full applications open
To be confirmed – Invited Project Grant full applications closes