Heartfelt prizes

There will be plenty of unique items up for auction at this year’s Heartfelt Dinner on 9 November.  All proceeds from their sale will be used to fund lifesaving research conducted by the Burns, Trauma and Critical Care Research Centre at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

This is just a taste of what will be up for grabs on the night:


Jo Bone Emu Egg

“Emu Egg” by Jo Bone

This stunningly intricate hand-blown glass piece is inspired by patterns that are all around us – random yet repetitive, mathematical, complex and subtle.  From the vibrant skins of insects to the rich textures under the sea and the rhythms of the landscape, pattern pulsates through our everyday. Jo Bone is an award winning artist who, amongst many other achievements, has been creating the stunning glass sculptures presented to winners at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards since the ceremony began in 2007.  Kindly donated by Jo Bone.

Sunset Rain by Rosella Namok “Sunset Rain” by Rosella Namok 

The weather is breaking along the North Queensland coast and the wet season is on its way.  Luminous with colour, and heavy with the sense of impending rainstorm, Rosella Namok has captured the essence of the rainy season in Cairns. Rosella Namok first appeared on the contemporary art scene in the late 1990s to become the most successful artist to come out of Far North Queensland’s renowned ‘Lockhart River Art Gang’. Her paintings revolve around several narratives relating to social, physical, and natural environments. Rosella’s works are currently held in dozens of private, public and University collections both nationally and internationally including all State and National Galleries in Australia.  Kindly donated by Fireworks Gallery.


Greek coffee & sweets

My big fat Greek afternoon

Spend an afternoon immersed in Greek culture with this package for ten people. Our three Greek ladies – Sia, Maria and Kathy – will come to your home and treat you and your friends to not only an afternoon of indulging in Greek coffee, aperitifs and sweets, but learning  how to make them.  They will show you how to make Greek coffee using the traditional “Priki” and how to make “Bougatses”, a creamy semolina-based custard enfolded in crunchy filo pastry and dusted with icing sugar. You’ll also enjoy a selection of mouth-watering traditional Greek sweets including Kourapiethes, Karidopita and Honey Puffs while you sit back and sip on aperitifs such as Commanadaria, Ouzo and Mastiha Liqueur.  To top it all off, you and your guests will also be taught two traditional Greek dances before finishing off the afternoon with some plate smashing! Package also comes with a plate of fresh traditional Baklava for you to take home tonight.  Kindly donated by Maria Vlahogenis, Kathy Karonis and Sia Athanasas.

Four Seasons in Brisbane “Four Seasons in Brisbane” by Anne Armstrong

Anne was born and raised in the goldfields of Western Australia, and has also lived in Ireland and Canberra before finally making her home in Brisbane, where her love affair with the Queenslander architecture and tropical gardens began. This colourful piece captures the vibrant purple of Jacarandas in Spring, and the fire red blooms of Poinciana trees in Summer.  There are also hints of  Winter and Autumn captured on the canvas.  Kindly donated by Anne Armstrong.

 Tea Trees at Sisters Beach “Tea Trees at Sisters beach” by Eleanor Austin

Eleanor’s current work demonstrates her draw to using blacks and greys for definition to emphasise line and induce form into the work. Sometimes, her original plans change and the resulting work sees several layers of paint. Starting with a little sketching, Eleanor uses the immediacy of the paper and paint to affect the final design. An emotional painter, Eleanor is stirred by conversation or visual images that resonate with her current thoughts – for a work to feel complete, she must emotionally engage with the piece. This original and beautifully framed acrylic paint/collage on paper piece measures 120cm x 86cm. Kindly donated by Eleanor Austin.