Foundation Partnership Refurbishes RBWH Patient Terrace

Monday 18 July 2022

The outdoor garden area on Level 5 of the RBWH Dr James Mayne Building has been gifted its own ‘Backyard Blitz’ thanks to the RBWH Foundation and ADCO Constructions.

RBWH Foundation facilitated the ADCO Constructions Community Day on Monday July 4, which saw about 20 ADCO staff replant garden beds, clean and refurbish concrete areas, and install privacy screens on the Level 5 terrace.

RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske said the refurbishment was proving a breath of fresh air for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients, their families and friends.

“The RBWH Foundation is so grateful to ADCO Constructions for creating this beautiful space for RBWH patients and patient families,” said Ms Garske.

“The terrace will provide a much-needed place of healing to enhance the patient care experience.”

ADCO Senior Project Engineer Ben Savill said ADCO Community Days were launched last year, allowing staff to step away from their day jobs and volunteer their time to make a difference for chosen charities.

“Staff are given the choice of which project they would like to participate in,” said Ben. “This year, the RBWH Foundation project received the most interest!”

Earlier in the year, ADCO staff were asked to nominate charities and a proposed scope of work that could be undertaken in a day.

“Many of us have had some form of connection to RBWH so it was a really wholesome experience to give back collectively and contribute to the RBWH Foundation,” said Ben.

“When we heard about the terrace area where patients and families can spend some time outdoors, we thought this was a great opportunity not only to undertake some gardening, but to positively impact the recipients by giving them a really pleasant outdoor space, where the benefits of fresh air and Vitamin C can be experienced. We all know how time spent in the outdoors positively impacts our mental health.”

Despite forecast rain, the skies remained clear and work was completed ahead of schedule.

“As an added bonus, it then rained for two days after the Community Day, which is perfect for helping the new landscaping settle in.

“It means a great deal that we can improve the lives of others. We had a lot of fun participating in the day, so it’s a win-win for all!”

If you know of any organisations who would like to partner with the RBWH Foundation please email