Leaving a Legacy in your Will

Monday 23 August 2021

Have you ever considered the power of leaving a Gift in your Will to medical research?

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation is honoured to have been left bequests – a Gift in a Will – by many valued former patients, staff and community members. A Gift can range from a sum of money, to shares, a property and more. These generous gifts have helped RBWH Foundation support the highest level of patient care, clinician-led research across multiple disciplines, staff training and purchase of invaluable equipment.

What is a Bequest?

A Bequest is a gift left to an organization in a person’s last will. A Gift can range from a sum of money, to shares, a property and more. It can be any amount of your choice, whether small or large. Whatever size or form your Gift may take, it will make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders and people worldwide, who benefit from life-changing RBWH research and patient-care innovations. You can even nominate how you would like your Bequest to be used. For example, it could be used to fund a certain kind of research, to purchase a certain piece of equipment or to fund an annual scholarship or research fellowship.

Royal Legacy Club

Any individual who leaves a Bequest to the RBWH will automatically become a member of the Royal Legacy Club. Joining this club is a beautiful way to impart real change in the world upon your passing.

Queensland Wills Week

Monday 23 August marks the beginning of Queensland Wills Week. This week is held annually and is used to raise awareness about the importance of planning ahead. To commemorate, we would like to share stories of some who have made the amazing choice to leave a Bequest to the RBWH.

Pamela Ganly

For Pamela Ganly, leaving a Gift in her Will to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) is the continuation of a family tradition.

In 2019, Pam became the very first member of RBWH Foundation’s Royal Legacy Club, inspired by the Gift her parents left in appreciation of the care her mother received at RBWH.

Pam herself is now retired but is very active in her local community, pre-COVID she travelled a lot and grows some wonderful oranges and chilli, which she makes a great jam with!

We are so grateful to be the recipient of this precious gift from Pam. 

Pamela Ganly with a photograph her father Les McKay took. He was a photographer whose works are in the permanent collection at the Queensland Art Gallery. 


James and Suzanna Gillard

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital staff “are the sole reason why I am standing here today”. “Their empathy was what sustained me – and all the other recipients of their kindness”.

These beautiful words were spoken by James Gillard at the launch of the Royal Legacy Club in 2019. The Club was created to acknowledge the generous donors who plan to leave a Gift in their Will to RBWH Foundation.

James was treated for throat cancer at RBWH, and the care and support he received moved him and wife Suzanna to leave a Gift in their Wills to the hospital.

Their generosity will provide future generations with life-changing treatment and care, and also support RBWH research programs.

We are so grateful to be the recipient of this amazing gift from James and Suzanna.

James with the mask he had to wear during his treatment for cancer which he redecorated as part of his post cancer therapy.


James Tolcher

What an honour – before COVID-19 restrictions – to meet the family of the late David Tolcher, a courageous firefighter for 28 years who left a generous Gift in his Will to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation.

David’s Gift was specifically left to the Burns, Trauma and Critical Care Research Centre, prompted by a fire he attended which left a 15-year-old boy critically burnt and injured. The boy held on to David as he accompanied him by ambulance to RBWH. David was so deeply affected, he told his sister, Debbie, he would leave a Gift to RBWH burns research.

David was a kind and generous man, and RBWH Foundation is privileged to have been left such a beautiful gift. David’s bequest will help us offer life-changing care for those in the Burns, Trauma and Critical Care. We are grateful to be able to share David’s story and impact, especially during Queensland Wills Week.

L to R : Deb Tolcher, Alisa Tolcher, Greg Tolcher, Donna Tolcher, Simone Garske (RBWHF CEO) and Dr Jeff Lipman (Internationally renowned trauma specialist)

Mercia Lillian Geeter and & Hon Justice Wilson

Honourable Justice Margaret Wilson made the purchase of a state of the art training mannequin possible through a gift in memory of her late Aunt Mercia Lillian Geater, a popular Brisbane General Hospital (now RBWH) Sister-in-charge-of-theatres. Sister Geater was a dedicated nurse who served from 1938-1983.

Merica’s bequest also allowed an assistant nurse to undertake a Certificate III in Sterilising, and funded a special International Year of the Nurse Memorial.

Honourable Justice Margaret Wilson made the purchase of this simulation mannequin possible through a gift, in memory of her late Aunt Mercia Lillian Geater

Leaving a Gift in your Will to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) can change the lives of so many. As a part of Queensland Wills Week, we are grateful to have shared the stories of just some of the bequests left to us by beloved staff, patients and community members.

To these incredible generous donors, and all those who have left a Gift in their Will to RBWH Foundation, we say thank you. Your incredible contribution will not only support those in our care but will contribute to life-changing research.

So again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

If you are interested in learning more about leaving a gift in your will, please contact us by calling 1300 363 786 or visit our Bequests page.