New COVID 19 Clinical Research Projects Now Underway

Monday 17 August 2020

The first round of Special COVID-19 Research Grants, funded by the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund, have been awarded.

The Special COVID-19 grants will fund a variety of important COVID-19 research projects. Some of the projects will analyse unprecedented changes in the way the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) delivers healthcare as a result of the pandemic. The research has the potential to benefit other hospitals in Australia and around the world and could lead to improved COVID 19 treatment protocols and new insights into the impacts of the disease.

“These grants will enable our world-class researchers and clinicians to undertake more ground-breaking research projects,” said Ms Garske.

“Government restrictions, limitations with travel and a need for social distancing forced many of RBWH services to adopt new technologies and innovative practices to keep patients safe. Some of these services and practices will be analysed by the projects.”

The Special COVID-19 research projects include:

• The impact of life-support on COVID-19 drugs
• Long-term COVID-19 side-effects
• The impact of telehealth/virtual care on patient care
• New testing algorithm for gestational diabetes
• A new fast, low-cost COVID-19 test
• How many hours clinicians can wear personal, protective equipment

The Coronavirus Action Fund launched earlier this year and has received community support ensuring world leading RBWH clinical researchers, with their vast expertise, can join the global race against coronavirus.

The Coronavirus Action Fund is also supporting national trials of a new antibody-rich convalescent plasma therapy as a possible treatment against COVID-19.

“These grants and the other projects that are being supported would not have been possible without Coronavirus Action Fund donors,” said Ms Garske.

“While the work of the Fund is far from complete, we believe these research grants will assure donors that their philanthropy is making a difference to our community.”

To view all the research grants click here or to donate to the Coronavirus Action Fund click here.