Special COVID-19 Grant Round

Research projects analysing the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) rapid response to COVID-19 and subsequent changes to its healthcare practices, are the focus of a Special Grant Round being funded by the RBWH Foundation.

RBWH Executive Director Research Services, Dr Merrilyn Banks, said some of the changes instituted in just weeks at the start of the pandemic, might otherwise have taken up to a year to implement.

“Our incredible Royal team had to plan compassionate patient care with distancing measures, minimise hospital visitors, acquire sufficient equipment and consumables, and be efficient with staff time,” said Dr Banks.

“We want to research and analyse those changes so the best patient practices can continue to be used into the future.”

The funding has been raised through generous community donations to the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund.

RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske said the grants would ensure donations to the Foundation’s Coronavirus Action Fund would benefit the people of Queensland for generations to come.

“This round of grants will really help us investigate and assess our response to COVID-19 in all aspects of our health service, and also examine how our service can change and be flexible in an emergency situation,” said Mrs Garske.

Applications close May 29.

The Special COVID-19 Grant Round, supported by the RBWH Foundation Coronvirus Action Fund, is intended to support research projects undertaken by RBWH staff and/or at the RBWH in conjunction with collaborating partners in a rapid manner as a response to the pandemic.

The aim is to provide financial support to researchers to undertake original and highly innovative research projects related to COVID-19 that have the potential to:

• directly affect the care provided to our patients, including translational research and new models of care;
• analyse and inform the response to the pandemic event related to provision of patient care, organisational systems and staff responses.
• foster collaborations across RBWH departments, and or between RBWH and other facilities and external partners; and
• support staff development.

To be eligible for this scheme, the CI-A must hold a current paid or honorary appointment to the RBWH, and the majority of the team must hold an RBWH appointment and/or the research is conducted at the RBWH.

Funding Commencing in 2020 – Key dates

  • Friday 24th April 2020 – Full Project Grant Application Open
  • Friday 29th May 2020 – Full Project Grant Applications Close 

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Key Documents

Advice to Applicants (PDF)
Budget template
Signatures (DOCX)

Visit the RBWH Foundation website to find out more about the Coronavirus Action Fund.