RBWH Departments


Provides services to patients with hearing issues including hearing loss, dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus and other ear-related conditions.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services Assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and their families with their journey to, during and after hospital.
Nutrition and Dietetics
(nutrition, food and diet support)
Helps patients to manage a healthy diet by establishing an eating plan that matches their health care needs and providing nutrition, food and diet support.
Occupational Therapy Helps patients get back to daily living by restoring their normal functions and participation in meaningful activities.
Orthotics and Prosthetics
(Bracing and artificial limbs)
Provides patients, who have been injured or require artificial limbs, with external supports, bracing and/or prostheses (artificial limbs) to help them restore movement, improve mobility and reach their highest level of function.
Physiotherapy Assists patients who have difficulty moving as a result of injury, disease or life changes to improve their physical movement and prevent further problems.
Psychology Offers clinical psychology services tailored to patients and their families. They assess, diagnose and treat psychological, emotional and behavioural disorders to help improve well being, engagement with treatment and pain management.
Rehabilitation and Engineering Centre Assists with modifications to wheelchairs and mobility devices for patients with disabilities to meet their specific needs and improve comfort and posture to achieve a better quality of life.
Social Work Helps patients and their families identify and resolve personal, social and/or emotional psychological issues that impact on their health.
Speech Pathology Assess, treat and provide a variety of specialised services for patients with communication problems and swallowing difficulties.


Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant


In addition to clinical Haematology treatment, provides:

  • Autologous stem cell transplants
  • Allogeneic stem cell and bone marrow transplants (related and unrelated)
  • Clinical trials (in-house and pharmaceutical sponsored) for Haematology and BMT patients

Cancer Care Nursing Professorial Precinct

The Cancer Nursing Professorial Precinct is a strategic collaboration between RBWH and Queensland University of Technology. The Precinct embed nursing-led research and innovation into day-to-day clinical practice.

Medical Oncology


Provides clinical services to patients at RBWH and outreach services to The Prince Charles Hospital, other hospitals within the Metro North Health Service, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg and Rockhampton. Also acts as the major tertiary referral centre for Central Queensland and other Health Services.


Radiation Oncology


Includes radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists and nursing. Provides patient care in a multidisciplinary team environment, working closely with other oncology specialties including allied health, pathologist, radiologist and surgeons.


Queensland Haemophilia Centre   Provides multidisciplinary care for those with Haemophilia, von Willebrand’s disorder and other inherited bleeding disorders. 


(Emergency and Trauma Centre)
Provides emergency medical services and urgent specialised care 24/7 to adult patients with a serious illness or injury.

Genetic Health Queensland

Sees individuals with a known or suspected genetic condition or a family history of a known genetic condition.

Intensive Care Services
Provides critical care for patients who are seriously ill or who have life threatening injuries and need specialist intensive care services.
Hyperbaric Medicine Centre Provides a state-wide service to treat people with decompression illness, chronic wounds, radiation injuries and serious soft tissue infections through oxygen therapy inside a state-of-the-art clinical hyperbaric chamber. Is one of only two publicly funded hyperbaric units in Queensland with one of the largest hyperbaric chambers in the southern hemisphere.
The Professor Tess Cramond
Multidisciplinary Pain Centre
Provides an assessment, management and education service for people with chronic pain and cancer pain.

Skin Integrity Service

Assesses and treat people who have acute and chronic complex wounds that are not healing including:

  • pressure ulcers
  • lower limb ulcers
  • palliative wounds
  • slow to heal wounds


(Heart disease)
Provides treatment and care, including non-invasive and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services, for people with heart problems.  Includes Coronary Care Unit and Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory.
Clinical Immunology and Allergy
(Immune system disorders including allergies)
Helps care for and treat patients with immunological conditions including immunodeficiencies, autoimmune disease and vasculitis as well as allergic conditions such as urticaria (hives), rhinitis (hay fever) and drug, food or stinging insect allergies.
(Skin disease)
Provides specialist consultation, diagnostic, treatment and management services for people with skin diseases including acne, skin tumours, inflammation, infection and dermatoses (psoriasis/eczema).
Endocrinology and Diabetes Helps care and treat people with disorders of the hormone secreting glands of the body, including people with diabetes.
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
(Stomach, intestine and liver)
Provides medical management and treatment for people with gastrointestinal (gut) and liver conditions including Crohn’s Disease, Cirrhosis, disorders of the pancreas and bile duct and irritable bowel syndrome.
Infectious Diseases Cares for people with a range of infectious diseases with a focus on complex infectious diseases, including coronaviruses (including COVID-19), malaria and other travel-related infections, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, endocarditis, meningococcus and meningitis. Includes infection monitoring and prevention services.
Internal Medicine and Aged Care Provides treatment and complex care 24/7 for a wide range of general medical conditions with specialisation in geriatric and rehabilitation medicine. Includes the Hospital to Home Heart Support Service.
(Brain and nerve diseases)
Treats and cares for people with general and rare neurology disorders and nervous system conditions including epilepsy, motor neurone disease, stroke and movement disorders. Includes the Stroke Ward and the only Huntington’s Disease and Friedreich’s Ataxia services in Queensland.
Nuclear Medicine Helps diagnose or treat a variety of diseases and conditions using very small amounts of radioactive material (radiopharmaceuticals) and provide unique imaging information, which cannot be obtained by using other imaging procedures, to identify disease in its earliest stages.
Palliative and Supportive Care Improves the quality of life for patients with a non-curable or life-limiting illness by reducing suffering through early identification, assessment and treatment of pain and physical symptoms; and providing support to ensure all psychological, spiritual, social and cultural needs are met.
Pharmacy  Provides safe and effective medication to inpatients, outpatients and day admitted patients at facilities located across the hospital as well as select off-site locations.
Clinical Pharmacology Helps ensure the safe, effective and cost-effective use of medication for patients during a hospital stay and work to develop a better understanding of drug therapies and patient reactions through consultation, drug monitoring, prescription reviews and education services. One of only two Clinical Pharmacology Services in Queensland.
Kidney Health Provides comprehensive kidney care, assessment, management of kidney disease and delivery of therapies including acute kidney care, dialysis and kidney transplantation.
(Joint, muscle and soft tissue diseases)
Helps care for patients with disorders affecting their joints, muscles, bones and ligaments and provide a range of diagnostic and treatment services to people suffering severe and chronic musculoskeletal disease such as arthritis.

Sexual Health and HIV Services


A confidential appointment-based clinical service providing testing and treatment for sexually transmissible infections (STIs). The service also provides HIV post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), management and care of HIV and has an onsite specialist pharmacy.
Thoracic Medicine
(Respiratory and sleep disorders)
Provides a range of investigative and therapeutic services for the management of acute, chronic, rare and common respiratory and sleep disorders such as lung disease, asthma, sleep apnoea, pulmonary hypertension or embolism and respiratory infection. Includes the Sleep Laboratory, Bronchoscopy Suite and Pulmonary Function Laboratory.


Medical Imaging

(X-rays and scans)

Provides a specialist diagnostic imaging and radiology service, supporting the care and treatment of patients. As the largest Medical Imaging department in Queensland, it performs more than 145,000 procedures each year.


Medical Services

The role of the Quality, Innovation, Patient Safety and Support Services, which is part of Medical Services, is to lead the patient safety, quality and clinical improvement agendas for the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.


Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Service Cares for young people aged 14-18 years old who live in South East Queensland experiencing eating disorders, anxiety, depression or psychotic thoughts to help them learn about their mental health and ways to reduce or cope with symptoms.
Hospital Alcohol and Drug Service Provides inpatient withdrawal or stabilisation support for people with alcohol and other drug dependency through a medication regime, supportive counselling and group program.
Older Persons Mental Health Provides assessment, management and support for people who have a mental illness over the age of 65 years in the RBWH suburb catchment to help them understand their illness and find ways to reduce or cope with symptoms.
Queensland Eating Disorder Service Provides assessment, care and treatment for people and their families affected by eating disorders as well as advice, support, training and education for health professionals.


Nursing and Midwifery research

Nursing and Midwifery research continues to have a strong focus on improving patient outcomes by producing best evidence to support healthcare delivery. Nurse-led research projects conducted at the RBWH and in partnership with our collaborating institutions continue to shape evidence-based practice both nationally and internationally.


Anaesthesia  Assists with pain management of postoperative, trauma and medical patients to ensure comfort and to aid recovery through a 24/7 service, which includes pre-anaesthetic assessment; anaesthesia inside and outside the operating theatre; acute postoperative pain management; and labour epidurals.
(The Professor Stuart Pegg Adult Burns Centre)
Provides a 24/7 burns referral service and information for all burns injury matters. Major referral centre for Queensland, Northern New South Wales, Northern Territory and the Pacific Islands.
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
(Head and Neck Clinic)
Provides a comprehensive service which includes head, neck and skull base cancer treatment, ear surgery, cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids, nasal and sinus surgery, tonsillectomy and management of disorders of the salivary glands, voice and swallowing. Provide treatment for head and neck cancer to Brisbane, north western Queensland, eastern Northern Territory, northern New South Wales, the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.
General Surgery Provides surgical procedures and clinics for elective and emergency general surgery patients who require breast and endocrine; hepatobiliary and pancreatic; colorectal; upper gastrointestinal and thoracic; or emergency surgery.
(Brain, spine and nerve surgery)
Provides comprehensive neurosurgical services for elective and emergency patients with neurological, spinal and peripheral nerve conditions or disorders including aneurysms and other cerevrovascular conditions, brain tumours, epilepsy and chiari malformation.
(Eye department)
Provides general and emergency eye and vision care including specialised surgery and diagnostic procedures to treat a variety of conditions including cataract, glaucoma, retinal problems and macular degeneration.
Oral and maxillofacial Surgery
(Face, mouth and jaw)
Provides surgical treatment and care for people with complex facial, mouth and teeth injuries, deformities and disorders using advanced technology such as computerised surgical planning and 3D printing.
Orthopaedic Surgery
(Bones and joints)
Provides a full range of elective, general, specialty, trauma and complex surgery for adults with bone and joint issues including hip and knee; foot and ankle; shoulder; hand, wrist and nerve; spine; rheumatoid arthritis; sports injuries; and musculoskeletal disorders. Supported by a 24/7 emergency service.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Provides emergency and elective reconstructive surgery to repair or restore parts of the body.
Trauma Service Provides a major trauma service caring for injured patients from across Queensland who have multiple injuries, isolated injuries with high impact mechanism and/or chest trauma and injury.
Urology Provides specialist assessment and surgical services to patients with disorders of the urinary tract and male reproductive system including bladder dysfunction or obstruction, prostate cancer, stone disease (kidney or bladder) and urethral strictures.
Vascular Surgery
(Veins and arteries)
Provides specialised diagnostic procedures, surgical services and outpatient consultation for people who have problems with their veins and arteries including vascular and intravascular ultrasound, angiography, varicose veins, open venous surgery and haemodialysis.


Breast Health Provides personalised care, advanced monitoring and treatment for general and complex breast health conditions including breast cancer, acute mastitis or abscess, benign breast problems, gynaecomastia and suspicious breast imaging, biopsy or conditions.
Gynaecology Provides high quality gynaecological services to detect, diagnose, treat and manage female reproductive system and women’s health conditions including early pregnancy, dysplasia, urogynaecology, adolescent gynaecology and fertility.
Gynaecological Cancer Provides a range of comprehensive testing, consultation, planning, management, treatment and support services for women with complex cancers of the female reproductive system including ovaries and fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, cervix, vulva as well as gestational trophoblastic disease.
Maternal Fetal Medicine Improves the health and wellbeing of women and their unborn babies experiencing high-risk pregnancy complications through a specialised diagnostic, treatment and management service including ultrasound scans and screening, early pregnancy assessment, counselling, fetal MRI services and care for mothers with significant medical problems.
(Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit)
Cares for babies who are born prematurely (less than 37 weeks gestation) or require diagnosis and care of surgical, genetic or breathing problems. Provides premature and sick newborns from the hospital, or who have been transferred from other hospitals across regional Queensland and northern New South Wales, with access to advanced technology and the highest level of neonatal critical care within the Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) or Special Care Nursery (SCN).