Our Royal Family

Brisbane now has its own royal family – the RBWH Foundation Royal Family – comprising all people with a connection to RBWH from patients and donors, to current staff and hospital Alumni.

Donors who make a significant contribution to support the work of the hospital are considered RBWH Foundation’s ‘Jewels in the Crown’. They are awarded honorary membership to the Royal Family in the categories of Diamond, Pearl, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire, depending on the level of support given. Diamond Royal Family members are the Foundation’s most treasured supporters.

Honorary membership to the Royal Family is bestowed each year at RBWH Foundation’s annual Research Grant Awards ceremony.  These memberships are based on contributions made to the Foundation (either one-off or cumulative) in the previous calendar year.  A total of 50 honorary memberships were bestowed in February 2016 to various individuals, families, businesses and community groups.

RBWH Foundation has also erected official donor recognition boards in the main Admissions area on the ground floor of the Ned Hanlon Building at RBWH.  These boards contain the names of supporters who have made a significant contribution to the Foundation since it was first established in the mid-1980s.  These donor recognition boards are known as the Royal Family Honour Wall.