RBWH Burns

The Professor Stuart Pegg Adult Burns Unit is a major referral centre for Queensland, Northern New South Wales, Northern Territory and the Pacific Islands. RBWH provides life-saving treatment for critically-ill burns patients with expertise from world-class facilities and medical professionals. Burns patients deal with traumatic circumstances and go through a gruelling recovery process which is physically, psychologically, and socially debilitating. Loved ones, friends, and families also often find it difficult to deal with the pain and suffering that comes with a burns injury.


Burnslife is a program that assists burns patients and their families on their road to recovery and rehabilitation through peer support, education, and care facilities. Burnslife was formed in 2015 by a group of burns outpatients and members of RBWH Foundation, and now consists of a community of people who are passionate about helping others in need. The Burnslife mission is to provide all-encompassing support programs through the psychological, social, and physical issues associated with burns injuries. The program facilitates a positive transition from hospital to home, and helping patients adjust to life with burns.


Burnslife works to:

  • Develop various projects and tools to help burns patients and their loved ones throughout their recovery
  • Provide peer support, insight, assistance, and advice from burns patients to burns patients which is an empirically proven method to aid the process of injury adaptation and recovery
  • Share prevention, education, and support information from professional medical sources and burns specialists
  • Establish a community of burns patients who support one another through hospital, the transitions to home, back to work or study, and beyond
  • Spread awareness of the dangers of fire, burns prevention, and safety throughout the Brisbane community

Current Projects

Projects include:

  • Monthly Prevention and Support Forum – a forum focussing burns education, prevention, and support imparted by guest speakers who specialise in related fields. Each session also includes discussion time where patients can ask questions and discuss experiences with one another in an open environment.
  • Burns Resource Packs – a handbook of information for new burns patients and carers to help them navigate through the recovery process. Each resource pack includes information and advice on scarring, family support, returning home, engaging in the community, and more.
  • Patient Care Packages – packages containing care essentials for burns patients on long stay in the RBWH burns ward.

How to help

You can help Burnslife continue their work in developing projects for burns patients by making a donation here. Your donation could make a big difference to the lives of those who have been affected by burns.

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