Beaudine’s life has been one big adventure.

Beaudine and her 11 siblings live an extraordinary life with their parents. For 15 years, they have travelled Australia in their beloved bus, The Gauntlet, working as camel drovers and station hands.

Three years ago, while passing through the Top End in their beloved bus, they stopped at Robin’s Falls for a quick swim and cool off.

Crocodiles were known to frequent the swimming hole, but the experienced travelers did a thorough check of the water and knew they were safe. Their dog Barkley, however, had other ideas and took off in the direction of the sunbathing crocs further upstream.

The family’s second-eldest daughter, 16-year-old Beaudine, didn’t think twice. She bolted after her beloved dog, terrified he would be attacked.

Thankfully, she grabbed him in time; yet she knew something was seriously wrong when the clear water around her started rapidly turning red. While launching to grab Barkley, Beaudine pierced her left shin on a submerged log in the water, leaving a hole roughly the size of a 20-cent coin.

Beaudine and her family saw a doctor in Darwin the next day, who gave the leg a wipe and said it was all good. Since then, successive skin grafts and multiple operations have followed. Last year, Beaudine was put in an induced coma to help her cope with the infection. She has nearly died from sepsis and often has seizures from the stress on her body.

It was only when she came to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital that Beaudine was able to be diagnosed with a rare bone infection. From there the race was on to save her leg and get her back to her family.

Beaudine’s parents said, “The experience at RBWH is much better, much more professional. We know she is getting the best care possible. She doesn’t mind being in hospital for another month if it means she knows she is getting better; if it means she can finally move on after three years.”

RBWH was recently ranked by Newsweek as the number one hospital in Queensland, partly due to the fact the hospital has an excellent record for helping medical problems that other facilities find difficult to solve, much like Beaudine’s.

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