One Family’s Legacy of Giving

Monday 7 March 2022

Hornery family presenting a cheque from the 4ULOC Family Trust

A decade-plus commitment to the RBWH Foundation and cancer care by Central Queensland’s Hornery family has been recognised at the 2021 Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) Philanthropist of the Year Awards.

RBWH Foundation was honoured to nominate the Hornerys, who were named finalists for their 4ULOC family trust which has raised more than $324,000 for Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Cancer Care Service patients and families.

Lachlan Hornery and his horse, who passed from cancer in 2008

Lachlan Hornery and his horse, who sadly passed from cancer in 2008

4ULOC is named in honour of Lachlan Hornery, a beloved father-of-five who lost his hard-fought battle against cancer in 2008. The Hornery family’s grief was matched only by their empathy with the 4ULOC fundraising appeal established soon after his passing by his parents, Percy and Sandra.

“Our family was lucky enough to afford to rent close to hospital, but a lot of people were travelling hours each day or sleeping on the floor,” recalls brother Quentin ‘Que’ Hornery.

“It was really touching to see the resilience in those families when they had to be the strong one for the patient.”

Since inception, 4ULOC has funded a portable pager system for Cancer Care patients waiting for appointments allowing them to move around the hospital, additional intravenous trolleys, heated blankets, more comfortable chairs and a myriad of other resources.

The Hornery family is well known in Central Queensland for its family-run company which operates water and transport vehicles, a charter helicopter service and cattle breeding operation.

Until COVID-19 restrictions, the annual fundraising highlight was a Moranbah family concert. The Hornerys also donate $25 an hour from the hire of their two 4ULOC water trucks.

Moranbah Family Concert, an annual cancer care fundraising event

“4ULOC is really important, especially for Lachy’s children,” explained Que Hornery, Lachlan’s brother.

“He was a family man, and his legacy will grow from there.”

Accompanying Que was niece Destiny, one of Lachlan’s five children.

“It’s amazing that we’ve been nominated and it’s very overwhelming due to the fact that it’s obviously an emotional topic,” said Destiny.

Cancer Care Donor Que Hornery and his niece, Destiny Hornery

Destiny Hornery and her uncle Que Hornery

“It’s incredible to think that we’ve actually impacted so many people’s lives.”

Inspired by her father’s care at RBWH, Destiny is now studying nursing.

“Nurses make a big difference in the patient’s life, they are always there, 100% of the time. I want to help wherever I can and make a difference as well,” said Destiny.

The Brisbane awards also provided Que and Destiny an opportunity to visit RBWH Cancer Care where 4ULOC is making such an impact.

“It makes you realise it’s not just you in this situation, that there’s other people who have experienced the exact same thing and it’s important to support each other,” said Destiny.

RBWH Foundation was honoured to nominate the inspirational family for the QCF awards.

“The Hornerys have demonstrated philanthropic leadership and initiative and encouraged tens of thousands of regional Queenslanders to make a real difference to RBWH cancer patients and their families in the most distressing of times,” said RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske.

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