2021 Metro North Research Excellence Awards

Friday 6 August 2021

Metro North Research Excellence Awards 2021

The annual Metro North Research Excellence Awards 2021 has again seen many past and present RBWH Foundation research grant recipients shine amongst their peers.

The annual awards provide an opportunity to recognise and reward outstanding achievement in research across all clinical specialties and professions.

Complex Health Challenges Research
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) expert, Dr Rob Henderson, and the Neuromuscular Diseases Research team. MND is a debilitating disease which causes progressive muscle weakness and has a life expectancy of two to three years, with no effective therapy. Dr Henderson’s team has been focussed on finding the underlying causes of MND and are working on effective therapies. Funding MND research has long been a priority for RBWH Foundation and the MND research team is acknowledged nationally and internationally as an MND powerhouse.

Chief Executive Award
Dr Siok Tey is a senior staff specialist in clinical haematology and bone marrow transplantation at RBWH. Dr Tey received one of her earliest Foundation grants more than a decade ago and is renowned for her research into a new generation cancer treatment, T-cell and T-cell engineering methods.

Professor Joan Webster Nursing and Midwifery Research Award
Deanne August is in the final year of her PhD studies, investigating neonatal skin injury. This Foundation-sponsored award was presented by its namesake, Professor Joan Webster. Deanne has made a remarkable contribution to her field and has also taken on leadership roles.

RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske, who was honoured to speak at the event, said awards such as Metro North Research Excellence were a source of pride for the entire RBWH Foundation community.

“To witness Foundation grant recipients receive such high accolades validates the commitment of our many supporters – the hundreds of donors, fundraisers and volunteers,” said Ms Garske.

“Each year our loyal community is inspired to give because of the brilliant work RBWH researchers undertake, and the peace of mind that work represents to them and their families.”

RBWH Foundation was founded to inspire a culture of philanthropy to benefit medical and clinician-led research, educational and training opportunities and innovative patient care. In 2021, the Foundation distributed just over $3.2 million towards research grants, Fellowships and research project costs. It is a point of pride that a large percentage of grants support junior and emerging researchers who are often seeking their very first grant.

Although COVID-19 still dominates the international agenda, Ms Garske stressed the Awards also recognised – as evidenced by the Foundation’s recent Royal Giving Day – that the general public care about and want to support a broad range of medical and health research projects.