Run 21 for the Royal: a marathon fundraiser

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Among the many valued supporters of Royal Giving Day, Reece Crawford deserves his very own crown.

For 21 days straight, from June 10 until June 30, this former RBWH patient is running a progressive treadmill challenge, “Run 21 for the Royal”, as a way to say thank you to the hospital which saved his life.

On Day one, Reece ran 1 kilometre. On Day ten, he ran 10 kilometres and by the time he completes this ambitious fundraiser on Day 21, Reece will be running 21.1 kilometres – a half-marathon – and hopes to have raised $21,000 along the way.

Even more incredible though is Reece’s own story of persistence and endurance.

In 2014, Reece received serious head injuries after a motor scooter accident on the way to work. He was brought to RBWH where numerous teams worked together to save his life. Following a long and hard recovery, which included learning how to walk and talk again, Reece was inspired to change career from car salesman to physiotherapy assistant and now works at RBWH alongside those who helped his rehabilitation.

From fun runs to marathons, Reece now uses his passion for running as a platform to fundraise for medical and clinician-led research.

Reece’s latest 231.1 km challenge is due to finish at around 5pm on June 30, where COVID-19 restrictions permitting, a crowd of RBWH staff will be cheering him to the finish line.

If you can, please donate to Reece’s marathon.